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WHY In The World Are They Spraying?
WHY In The World Are They Spraying?
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WHY In The World Are They Spraying?
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**Now Available:  new updated version with subtitles in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Belgian Dutch, Korean, Japanese and English.**

WHY in the World are They Spraying?
is an investigative documentary into one of the many hidden agendas associated with chemtrail/geo-engineering programs.  Various groups are quietly pursuing these programs, but why and for whose gain?

This film is the follow-up to the groundbreaking documentary "What in the World are They Spraying?" which woke up millions to the damaging effects of chemtrails and other geo-engineering programs.  As a result, movements around the world are being formed to address these crimes and many concerned citizens are taking action.  As people become aware of "what" is happening, they are now asking the even more important question of "why" it's happening.  Michael J. Murphy, originator and Co-Producer of “What in the World are They Spraying?,” in association with Barry Kolsky, have produced “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” to answer that question.

Get ready to uncover:
  • The environmental and human health implications of geo-engineering programs.
  • How geo-engineering can be used to control our weather.
  • What industries benefit from geo-engineering programs.
  • How the spraying affects you, your family and the future of humanity.
In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather.  Geo-engineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of the now widely debunked theory of global warming.  What is clear is that the chemtrail/geo-engineering can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of the technocratic elites.  Certain international corporations can now leverage weather control to gain power over the Earth's natural systems.  This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.  WHY in the World are They Spraying? is a must see film and will revolutionize the environmental movement.

  • Runtime: 73 minutes
  • Aspect Ratio - 16:9
  • Released: August 2012
  • Directed & Produced by Michael J Murphy
  • Co-Produced & Edited by Barry Kolsky
  • NTSC
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