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RADSticker (5 pack)
RADSticker (5 pack)
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RADSticker (5 pack)
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This a 5 pack of RADStickers for $25.00.

NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:  This product only ships to the United States.  International orders will be canceled and refunded without notice.

RADSticker™ peel & stick, postage stamp sized, instant color developing dosimeter, is always ready and with you 24/7, stuck onto the back of your drivers license or anything you keep close, for any future radiation emergency.

Non-electrical, reliable, rugged and useful for determining radiation exposure and if medical treatment required in a major radiological incident, such as a nuclear or dirty bomb explosion, nuclear power plant accident or mishandled radiation sources. RADSticker responds to 250 mSv and higher of Gamma/x-ray radiation in a radiological incident. It instantly develops color upon exposure to radiation. Color development is permanent and cumulative. The longer the exposure the darker the color.

How to read the sticker:  Radiation will darken the sensor between the numbered squares.

  • Reading Dose: Estimate the exposure dose by comparing the color of the sensor with the color reference squares. If the sensor develops a color in-between any two adjacent squares, this indicates an in-between dose. 

  • Service Life Indicator (SLI):When the sensor color matches the SLI color your RADSticker should be replaced. This will normally occur in about 2 years of use. Check your RADsticker regularly to ensure there has not been a gradual color change.

  • Scratch-off Bar: RADSticker has a black bar on the left hand end of the sensor. This bar is for internal uses of the manufacturer (or trained/qualified personnel) to determine tampering with UV/sunlight.
Service Life and Storage: With time, and when stored at 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) for about 2 years, the sensor strip will change color to match the large square on the right.  The service life can be extended to ten years if stored in a freezer (when not in use). Do not unnecessarily expose the sticker to sunlight. Do not expose the sticker to temperatures about 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degree Celsius).  Do not expose the sticker to temperatures about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for a prolonged period. 

Wider public adoption of RADStickers™ will empower First-Responders then to quickly triage those actually exposed in need of medical attention, from the sea of people who will naturally feel sick just from worry and fear of radiation exposure during a crisis without a RADSticker™ to tell them otherwise. RADStickers™ both quell public fear & panic and allows our First-Responders and medical resources to then focus where most urgently needed.

Click here for the RADSticker Package Insert.

Visit the RADsticker FAQ for additional information. 

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