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Money Bomb 2011--$100 Donation
Money Bomb 2011--$100 Donation
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Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It: Taking the Infowar to the Next Level

It cannot be denied that and its multimedia operation are the tip of the spear in the fight against tyranny. It also cannot be denied it has effectively challenged the establishment.

Because we have had so much success and have reached tens of millions of people, we have a responsibility to go to the next level. In order to do that, we are announcing an Infowars Moneybomb, the most critical of the three previous.

The first Infowars Moneybomb was launched by supporters and since then we have used it to raise the money required to add crucial infrastructure to our operation and send the message of liberty out far and wide.

Now that we have built our new studio and launched Infowars Nightly News, we need to expand our operation by adding more reporters and video editors to bring you the unvarnished truth and give the corporate media – financed by the elite and showered with your tax dollars – a run for its money.

All of you who have donated in the past, who have bought films and products from our store, and who have subscribed to Prison – you are the people who have made our success possible.

On Thursday, November 3, 2011, we will present a live, 24-hour video stream broadcast including never seen before seen interviews and other special features.

Mark your calendar for this special event – and please consider helping us to take the Infowars operation to the next level in the fight against the globalists as they unleash their plan to usher in world government and strip us of our liberty and sovereignty.

Item ID: DN-MB2011-100
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