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Infowars Flag
Infowars Flag
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Infowars Flag
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Proudly fly this flag to show that you will never surrender in the Infowar against lies, tyranny, and the New World Order. Displaying this flag is sure to be a conversation starter and a great way to awaken those around you. Bring it to political rallies and other public events and let everyone know that you stand for truth and liberty. 

Created by popular demand, the custom made Infowars Flag features the logo with the phrase Because There Is A War On For Your Mind. The black polyester flag has a faint discolored background pattern to give it a rugged and distressed look. It measures 3 by 5 ft and includes two 2 metal grommets for indoor or outside display.

Throughout history the black flag has meant the opposite of the white flag of surrender. A b
lack flag was flown by certain army units during the Civil War to symbolize that they would neither give, nor accept quarter. 
Fly the Infowars black flag and show that you will never surrender in today's war against global tyranny. 

Bulk pricing is available so that you can help spread the word further. 

Item ID: AC-IWFL-1
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