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Infowars Dashcam
Item Id: AC-TODCAJ-4S-1
Infowars Dashcam
Infowars Dashcam
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"Hello my fellow Infowarriors, this is Alex Jones speaking.

How many times have you seen a wreck, a house fire, a SWAT team setting up an illegal checkpoint, dangerous drivers, an amazing sunset or a scenic view?  How many times have you wanted to record an accident to protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims?  How many time have you wanted to tape a police officer who has pulled you over?   Now you can with the Infowars Dashcam.  This same system routinely sells for $129.95 or more but we have it at the lowest advertised price of $99.95.  Certified highest quality, it comes with the Infowars brand-name stamped on it to let you know we personally stand behind it. We have done our research to find the highest quality dash cam available.  We then worked with the leading manufacturer to have these produced specifically for Infowars.  This allows us to provide you with the highest quality product at the lowest price.

The Infowars Dashcam comes with everything needed to start recording including a free 4 gb memory card.  It is easy to install and ready to use out of the box.  It never runs out of recording space with retrolooping and features time and date stamp for validity. 

This is also a great journalism tool.  Who knows, maybe you will record the key footage that captures the truth in real time of the next major event.  Upload your video to the internet so the truth can go viral. 

We don't know how long we can maintain this incredibly low price for such a high quality product so get yours today and protect you and your family with the Infowars Dashcam."  --Alex Jones

The Infowars Dashcam is your car's black box recording all that the driver sees and hears. You never know what to expect on the road today. The Infowars Dashcam will protect you and your family from aggressive police, negligent drivers, or any other potential threat to your freedoms as an American. Protect yourself from fraudulent claims. When an accident occurs you can replay the video to find the truth and protect the rights of the driver. This is your personal witness.

It also lets you record amazing scenery and capture your driving experience. So much happens on our highways, now you can film it and share it with the world. The next time you are driving and something amazing or crazy happens it is recorded. The Infowars Dashcam never runs out of recording space with retrolooping.

Real Life Footage: Don't just take our word for it, here is some actual footage from a Rearview Mirror Cam purchased from the Infowars Store. This is a perfect example of how documenting your driving experience can save you time and money.  No doubting who was at fault with this footage.  (Warning, there is a little adult language at the very end of the video.)

"I purchased your rear-view mirror camera system and the week after I installed it I was t-boned by a drunk driver.  Great timing!  I put the video on youtube to document the accident for the insurance claim against the other driver, and the insurance agent told me that it definitely saved me time and hundreds of dollars.  Please feel free to use this video as a testimony of how helpful the rear-view mirror camera system can be."
nathankleffman.comAustin, TX.

 Infowars Dashcam Information:

  • Protects you from fraudulent claims
  • Time and date stamped for validity
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen rotates 270° 
  • Resolution: 720P (1280 x 720 HD), VGA (640 x 480)
  • Anti theft motion sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Infrared LED's for night recording
  • Playback on unit's display, TV or computer
  • All accessories including a 4 gb memory card are included, nothing more to buy.

Contents include:  dash cam data recorder, USB cable, AV cable, memory card, car mount.

View Infowars Dashcam Instruction Manual pdf.

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